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Our company, Mercury Media Inc has been successfully in business for over 20 years. We formed the company because of our scenic painting work in the motion picture industry in Vancouver. When we were in the film industry we were running a large crew of artists and other trades while making a major motion picture, having a company became essential. We hired and managed painters, plasterers, scenic artists (of which I am one) and sign writers. This was a group of people dedicated to painting every aspect of the sets and backgrounds used in a film. Most of the stone, metal, marble, or fantasy finishes that you see in a film are 1/4 inch mahogany ply or foam, and turned into finished product by carpenters, plasterers, painters and artists.

The production designer coordinates and decides the look of the film. My job was to bring this concept to reality, on time, on budget, and be willing to change everything at the last minute. That was our life until we moved to beautiful Kamloops by the river. 

I still work on the occasional film production here in Kamloops.

2008 "The lost treasure of the grand canyon" as Paint Coordinator.  Also "2012", as Scenic Artist.

2009 "The A team", as Scenic Artist.

2010 "Afghan Luke" as Paint Coordinator.

2011 "TSBD" as Scenic Artist. 

2012 "GOLD" Paint Coordinator, Props builder and scenic artist.                                                                                                                 

For more information about Ken in the  film industry click here.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    In 2005 we  moved to beautiful Kamloops, BC, our focus turned gradually  from film to applying our skills to the private sector, making Mercury Media Inc into a company that creates beautiful Faux Painting and Murals for people who want those special finishes that are different, out of the ordinary, and add value in the most cost effective way.

           I was trained as a painter in England and have an arts background with both my family (both my mother and grandfather were painters) and art school training.  Cost can be a big factor in all transactions when offering services to the general public, and that's why we work very hard to present an efficient, lean, and cost effective solution to every job we undertake.

Feel free to contact us anytime to get a free estimate or get advice on how to go about an idea that is just forming and you'd like to know if it's possible. 

       For more photos visit   http://www.flickr.com/photos/mercurymedia/

Our sister company is Laughing Swan Farm. We grow Ornamental Grasses and Perennials, Herbs ,Trees and Shrubs.

Please take a minute to visit www.laughingswanfarm.com

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